Friday, January 30, 2009

About Me

I am an Arizona transplant, making-home in San Diego, CA as a wife and mother. I enjoy connecting with other women and enjoy the online forum. The hope here is to share my experiences with Intuitive Parenting and add to it as I learn more and am inspired by others.

Most of all, I hope this blog helps to take away any intimidation or misconceptions about natural parenting. Take the information that resonates with and works for your family. Don't worry about the rest. You don't have to subscribe to all things natural. Just start where you are and go from there. If you pick up many habits along the way? Great. If not, feel good about what changes did work and how they have enriched your family's life.
I hope you stop in once in awhile.
More on Emily's journey in Motherhood HERE
Her personal blog is From the Grid and Beyond


Beth said...

I'm very excited! I have so much to learn. I think that one of the things I am most curious about is the doula. Having a support system like that sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your new website is beautiful. You are providing such a wonderful resource - and words of wisdom - to our community. And I love your advice about "Take the information that resonates with and works for your family".
Sending love.

Megan said...

I love this blog! You said it just right, take what works for you and don't worry about the rest. I love the whole grains picture, is that your pantry!?! Jealous. I'm excited to check this and see what more is to come!

Emily Ruth said...

Megan- I'm so glad you have enjoyed reading so far. I love that grains pic too--wish it was my pantry. Hopefully soon: ) That is Kara's pantry (the Guru). Hope you come by again!