Monday, February 2, 2009

What is to Come

Wow. Fabulous questions ladies!
I love that you all are interested in trying new things regarding natural parenting and birth. A few of the topics (per request) to be addressed in the days to come:

Doulas-- What do they do? How can they help women access the body's natural pain relief?
Homebirth and Hospitals--Some Facts and statistics about each.
BPA--What is it, and why am I hearing so much about it?
Cloth Diapers--Really? People still do that? The not so dirty truth about a reappearing art.

While I love researching, and have tried to read a lot about these things, I am bringing in some experts--"Weberviews" with people who have much more experience than I.
Keep the questions coming- I love 'em! comment here or email me at


Luisa said...

Hey, my computer breaks down for two weeks and when I get back online, I see you've started another blog! Just trying to get caught up on everyone's blogs -- this one looks cool! Too bad I'm 40 and won't be having any more kids...:-)

Emily Ruth said...

Oh come on Lu, Grandma June was 43 with Mike! ; )