Friday, March 6, 2009

BPA-Free/Giveaway (Closed)

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We've all heard about BPA. But do we really know what it is?Bisphenol-A is a hormone disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids.

To quote one of my favorite natural blogs on the Biography of BPA:
"BPA has gotten a lot of press in the last few years when it was discovered in (and leaching out of) hard plastic baby and water bottles...
But BPA is still out there in plenty of places, and according to the latest issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health (IJOEH), it's increasing every woman's breast cancer risk.
Researchers looked at over 400 separate studies on a handful of common toxic agents, chief among them BPA and phthalates, and found that early exposures -- particularly during fetal development and childhood -- are closely linked to eventual breast cancer diagnoses. In fact, the earlier in life women are exposed to BPA, the greater the likelihood they'll develop this disease.
How did this happen? How did we come to let a chemical so clearly dangerous run so free in our lives? An
important article in Fast Company magazine tells the must-read tale.
Of the more than 100 independently funded experiments on BPA, about 90% have found evidence of adverse health effects at levels similar to what humans are exposed to. On the other hand, every single industry-funded study on BPA -- 14 in all -- has found no such effects."
You really must read the article in it's entirety HERE.
2 years ago as I was researching BPA for the first time, there wasn't very much information on it. Only a few baby bottle companies even offered BPA Free products. Now there are many available options for BPA Free.
A Few of my Favorites:

If a product doesn't tell you it's BPA Free?
The following companies provide attractive, functional products with exceptional design with all mouth-contact products being exclusively BPA-free, and demonstrate a commitment to providing BPA-free products as a matter of course in the development of new products.
Born Free
Klean Kanteen
Green to Grow
Not Neutral
Prince Lionheart
Sndro (Trebimbi)
Now for the Giveaway!

This is the first of many giveaways in the near future, so stay tuned...Winners are decided by, which means you could win multiple times: )
This Giveaway is a package deal.
Win and get BOTH fabulous products.
The first is one of my favorite things ever and makes eating on the go with baby a breeze.
BPA-Free Boon Squirt
You put pureed foods inside the handle, and it squirts out the spoon.

I am also giving away a BPA FREE 10 oz. Nuby Sippy cup in green.

Just comment (from anywhere in the world!) HERE to enter to win both products!

The Winner will be chosen by and announced Tuesday, Mar.10 at 9:00 p.m. Arizona time.

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