Monday, March 9, 2009

The Dangerous Mattress Monster?

When Roger and I went looking for Mo's crib mattress, it was not quite the experience I was hoping for. We had bonded quite deeply with the little man, and co-slept for almost the entire first year. I wanted him to be safe in his new sleeping environment. This means safe from off-gassing materials. Did you know that crib mattresses can emit fumes from chemical treatments, PVC covers and the polyurethane foam inside? Sound scary? It is.
So we go to this baby boutique which touts "only the safest products" on the window. I had read about off gassing and was hoping to see some natural fiber mattresses.
In fact, the saleswoman made me feel like I was paranoid for even asking to smell the mattress before I purchased it. She insisted that if this mattress was good enough for her kid, it was good enough for mine. (What?!)
Heaven forbid we allow the customer to think about the safety and quality of the product.
It smelled like plastic, gave me a headache and I almost threw up in my mouth. It was seriously that bad. No Kidding.
Later,we finally found one that was semi-natural (I guess) and didn't stink too bad. I took it home and left it in Mo's new room for a few minutes--I later walked back in to smell that distinct stench again. (Mmmm. Chemicals. Yum.) Almost as bad as the first time around!---kinda scary. I left that puppy outside in the carport for nearly a week before bringing it back in the house.
I wiped it down with Vinegar and put an organic cover on it hoping that would do the trick.
You know what would have been a lot easier, and safer? Going with a different product that until recently I didn't even know existed. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of off gassing and that there are alternatives.
Enter the Natural Mat.
Click on the link for more info

Last week I was lucky enough to stumble on this fabulous company.

They use no chemicals, no plastics and no PVC. Their superior mattresses combine the finest natural and organic raw materials including lambs wool, natural rubber latex foam, coir, mohair and cotton. The natural fibres provide much higher levels of spring and support, and far better ventilation than any synthetic foam or coil springs.

If you are expecting a baby or are looking for a crib mattress for your little one, Protect them. is offering a discount on the Natural Mat for Your Natural Baby and More readers. (Don't you feel special?)

Go HERE and type in code ynbnm at checkout for a 10% discount on any Natural Mat order from

Now I can sleep knowing Mo is safe at night.

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