Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DoYouDoula? (Video)

I've talked about Doulas HERE .
There are many studies that show the benefits of having a Doula support you in your birth. The key really is about having someone who can give you accurate information about all your options and then will support you fully in whatever decisions you make---Period. Whether you choose a medicalized birth, or to have your baby naturally. Doulas give this service.
When I first began my research, I was surprised to learn that many women who have the support of a Doula, do so not only in a hospital setting, but have also chosen a medicated birth. This speaks to the fact that Doulas, really are there to serve the woman--not to judge her birth choices, or talk her out of something she feels is right for her.
I know I've talked a lot about natural birth and the benefits of doing so---but I also want to bring attention to the fact that none of us can fully understand well enough to judge what another woman is experiencing or feeling in her given situation. Some women feel that the natural birth community ignores their particular circumstances if a cesarean or other intervention was needed. It is of course a tragedy for any woman to feel this---especially if they were originally seeking an unmedicated birth. Once again, having a Doula in this situation can help a mother to have a sense of involvement in her birth as opposed to simply being an observer or feeling like a victim of a procedure or intervention. Doulas have training to help the mother process her birthstory.
Having said this, I have a lot of trust in women.
Trust that we have the intuition to know what is right for our bodies.
Trust that we can handle our birth outcomes.

For some, it is about knowing and understanding the process. Once they have the information and are really tuned into their bodies--- They feel good about making decisions. Having a Doula as another resource for further education in the moment, is invaluable for them.
For some women, knowing all the physiology does nothing. For some, all the info and facts are distracting. These women choose to simply follow their gut (no pun intended). For them, a Doula is extremely helpful and can focus on comfort techniques and guiding the birth partner.
And still, for most women it is a combination of knowing and feeling.
The following video was brought to my attention by my midwife
Marinah. It gives a great overview of several different reasons women loved having a Doula present at their birth.


Christie said...

Great post! I've thought about using a doula this time around, I'll have to call you or email you with some of my questions. Thanks for this information!

BrawnyLads said...

Emily, thanks for writing about our film, and I hope it proves inspirational.