Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Huge step forward in Natural Birth

Courtesy Luna Maya Birth Center

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada recently revised their practice guidelines on breech birth. As of this week (June 2009), they no longer recommend routine cesarean for breech babies!
This is a huge step forward as it was the Canadian society and research that pushed material deeming vaginal breech birth unsafe.

The announcement from the SOGC is here:
The guidelines:

Breach birth is safe and straight forward with a care provider who is well educated for it. Many midwives and some doctors have this level of training.
"One of the most important statements in my mind of the announcement and guidelines is the acknowledgement that there are very few providers (in hospitals) who know how to attend a safe breech vaginal birth. I would like to offer the skills of myself and other homebirth midwives who for centuries have been safely attending breech births at home."
~Cristina of Luna Maya


Aaron and Jean said...

I wish I lived in Canada right now. I have doctors breathing down my neck because my baby is breech just waiting to schedule my c-section. I'm praying that she turns before labor and I've found a doctor in the valley who will deliver breech babies, but my hubby won't go for that. The U.S. is always the last to change for the better. Thanks for sharing this Em.

Emily Ruth said...

Oh Jean,
I'm sending my best positive vibes to encourage baby to turn: ) Keep me posted!
emily ruth