Friday, August 21, 2009


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Intuitive parenting without judgment of ourselves or others.
Looking for connection to moms practicing attachment parenting? Join others with a desire to parent in harmony with their child's nature and spirit. We are mothers who believe that our children are innately good. We believe in parenting joyfully, nonviolently, and unconditionally. Attachment parenting goes beyond babies and toddlers. The principles of unconditional love and support stay with us and our children as they grow and continue to experiment with the world. We ask that group members always be respectful of the way others parent.

If you're a little bit "granola", we'd love to have you~ This group is for crunchy mamas interested in any (not necessarily all) elements of Attachment/Natural/Conscious/Intuitive Parenting such as... Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, child led weaning, drug-free birth, elimination communication, baby wearing, co-sleeping, natural remedies/holistic healing, eating whole foods, homeschooling, alternative schooling; and/or unschooling (child-led learning), sustainable living, no vaccines and positive/gentle discipline.

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