Thursday, August 27, 2009


This scene makes me want to breathe deeply

Today's natural remedy is oxygen. Yes. You read correctly.
Have you ever been lost in thought and suddenly found yourself out of breath from lack of...breathing? I think we all experience this in times of stress, and I want to send a friendly reminder.


Lack of oxygen causes all kinds of health issues: Stroke, heart attack, muscle tension, it has even been linked to cancer. Read HERE for more info on the importance of oxygen to our bodies and our minds.
Take a moment right now...
"Try an experiment suggested by Swami Vishnudevananda. Focus attention upon the ticks of a clock placed at a distance of about twelve feet. If you get distracted, try concentrating harder until you experience the ticking with undivided attention. If you fail at first, you should try again and again until you succeed in keeping the ticking clearly in mind for at least a few seconds. What happened? The majority of persons who took part in this experiment reported that they have completely suspended the breath. The others, who had less concentration, reported that they experienced very slow breathing. This experiment shows clearly that where there is concentration of the mind, the breathing becomes very slow or even get suspended temporarily."

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