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Vaccines: Ingredients and Exemptions (Part 3)

Educate before you Vaccinate

A few of you brought up a great question in response to yesterday's post about informed consent. Before I get into the ingredients, I want to touch on ways to get around the state mandates for vaccinations before entering school.
I have heard from a few women recently, that it can be difficult to obtain the exemption forms from the schools themselves--it depends on the administrations personal feelings (so I've heard). So it is great to print off your own.
If you live in Arizona (United States), visit HERE for the AZ school exemption form. Every state is different, and if you live elsewhere in the U.S. click HERE. There is often a way to opt out under the religious or personal beliefs section. Arizona currently allows for the personal beliefs, which is a little less tricky. If you are asked to provide written statement, you could use something like below:
Being (a person/people) of Strong (Christian) Morals, it is against (my/our) Deep, Sincerely Held, Religious Convictions to accept the injection of any foreign substance into (my Body/our Bodies) or the Body of (my/our) Child. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all, Vaccinations, Shots, Tests for Diseases, Oral Vaccines, Epidermal Patches and in any other way that Live or Killed Bacterium, Viruses, Pathogens, Germs, or any other Microorganisms, may be introduced into or upon (my/our) child's body. This written statement to exempt (my/our) child from any immunizations because (I/we) hold genuine and sincere personal religious beliefs which are inconsistent with these medical procedures & experimentation. The practice of vaccination and the injection or application of any foreign substance is contrary to (my/our) conscientiously held religious beliefs and practices, and violates the free exercise of (my/our) religious principles.
If you have strong feelings on abortion, you might add something like the following: The attenuated virus used to produce the Rubella vaccine (RA27/3) was obtained from an aborted fetus and then cultivated on fetal tissue from another aborted baby (WI-38), and is also in the rubella portion of the MMR-II vaccine. The Chickenpox vaccine containing WI-38, MRC-5 and Hepatitis-A vaccine (MRC-5) were obtained from human babies that were electively aborted. A conflict arises because my religious convictions are predicated on the belief that all life is sacred. The Hepatitis-B vaccine protects against a disease that is only transmitted through multiple sexual partners or street IV drug users. If your child is not yet school age, or you are pregnant :
"well baby" visit: If you do take your new baby to an MD as opposed to a naturopath and/or chiropractor, please be aware and careful of any forms you sign. I'm referring to those "Refusal To Vaccinate" forms put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Go to this page below and find out why signing this form is very dangerous. These forms can be used to undermine parental rights...
"By endorsing this particular waiver, parents would essentially be signing an admittance of neglect and or "abuse" for refusing vaccines. The language contained in this waiver could put parents and caregivers in jeopardy down-the-line if they should ever find themselves in the courts due to their child's health problems, when confronted with child protective services, divorce, or just about any matter pertaining to that child that could be used against the parent(s). Please read any waiver provided by your child's doctor carefully before signing. Instead, offer a formally written and signed letter that simply says that you do not wish to vaccinate your child. If you are unsure of the language in the waiver, buy some time by telling your doctor that you need to consult with a lawyer before signing it. "
If you are interested in more information, email me: )
Vaccines contain a number of substances which can be divided into the following groups:
1. Micro-organisms, either bacteria or viruses, thought to be causing certain infectious diseases and which the vaccine is supposed to prevent. These are whole-cell proteins or just the broken-cell protein envelopes,and are called antigens.
2. Chemical substances which are supposed to enhance the immune response to the vaccine, called adjuvants.
3. Chemical substances which act as preservatives and tissue fixatives,which are supposed to halt any further chemical reactions and putrefaction(decomposition or multiplication) of the live or attenuated (or killed) biological constituents of the vaccine.
All these constituents of vaccines are toxic, and their toxicity may vary, as a rule, from one batch of vaccine to another.
So I ask again,
Are vaccinations safe and effective?The following info is found HERE
Historical trends indicate vaccines have had little positive effect: Historical trends show that deaths caused by childhood illnesses had already declined as much as 98% before vaccine programs were ever initiated. Evidence indicates that an improved standard of living, particularly access to fresh foods, caused this drop in disease, not vaccines. Evidence also indicates that statistical tampering over the last sixty years has made vaccines appear more effective than they truly are.

Vaccines contain foreign animal proteins: Vaccines are cultured in such tissues as monkey kidney cells, rabbit and dog brains, horse blood, fetal calf blood, chick embryos, and, yes, even human fetal lung tissue. Under normal circumstances, the body only encounters foreign animal proteins though the digestive tract; when injected directly into the blood stream, these proteins can wreak havoc on the body.

Vaccines may contain animal viruses not intended: It is absolutely impossible to completely isolate one virus from others within the animal tissue used. As a result, vaccines pose the greatest risk of cross-species disease introduction; past vaccine batches have contained unwanted animal viruses. There is even evidence that the AIDS virus was spread from apes to humans through a contaminated oral polio vaccine given to over 300,000 Africans. Since then, other vaccine batches have accidentally included mysterious animal viruses, one of which is SV40, which some scientists link to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and certain brain tumours in the Baby Boomer generation.

Vaccines contain dangerous chemicals used as preservatives and adjuvants: The chemicals added as preservatives and adjuvants (intended to make them more powerful) to vaccines are dangerous; they include formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, phenol (carbolic acid), alum, acetone, and, yes, some still do contain Thimerosal (a preservative comprising 50% ethyl mercury). Many of these chemicals are neurotoxic and lead to a myriad of other health issues; they have been linked to autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other developmental disorders. These toxins build up in the system over time. The medical community will tell you that “there is no conclusive evidence” linking vaccines with these disorders because they choose to reference scientifically flawed studies sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies themselves or refuse to undertake long term studies to compare the overall health outcome of fully vaccinated groups with unvaccinated ones. Common sense should dictate that injecting toxic chemicals into the bodies of neurologically immature babies is dangerous. (Note that the flu shot still does contain mercury.)

Germs are not necessarily dangerous: The “vaccine theory” is based upon the “germ theory”, which says that disease is caused by germs. The germ theory itself has always been in question. We encounter billions of germs everyday but we do not get sick everyday. The “terrain theory” hypothesizes that viral infections are not caused by germs, but by toxic conditions in the body, which make it a favourable host for these organisms; that germs can have a symbiotic relationship with our bodies by feeding on and helping to eliminate toxins. So, the key to combating infectious disease is not to kill the germ but to make the body an unfavourable host: feed it healthy sources of energy and don’t poison it with toxins. Vaccinations introduce toxins into the body and may therefore actually cause illness. See work by Claude Bernard or Antoine Bechamp.

Vaccines bypass the body’s normal lines of immune defense: There is a fundamental issue with injecting particles of infectious diseases directly into the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the immune system’s first line of defence—called the Th1 level of the immune system—in a “surprise attack” on the second line of defence—called the Th2 level—that is so distressing to the body it can cause anaphylactic shock. In nature, diseases are introduced into the body through the nose, mouth, skin and lungs, triggering a first line of defence that usually combats the illness before it ever reaches the bloodstream. Vaccines’ repeated “back-door assaults” on the Th2 level of the immune system make it hyper-sensitive and compel it to react inappropriately to other normally harmless substances like peanuts; the result is a generation of children with damaged immune systems who suffer from food and environmental allergies, asthma and increasingly with life threatening anaphylactic disorders.

Vaccine injuries are under reported: Although there is a government system in place for reporting vaccine injuries, the medical profession does not encourage such reporting and there are no repercussions for doctors who choose not to report incidents. Doctors, who naturally do not want to admit participating in a practice that injures a child, often choose to deny or disregard even the most obvious connection between a sudden health issue and vaccine administration. As a result, it is known that vaccine injuries are drastically under reported (it is believed fewer than 10% of vaccine reactions are actually reported) so it is impossible to know just how many children are injured each year. Some researchers have linked Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to vaccines, and estimate that the number of vaccine-related deaths per year greatly outnumbers deaths resulting from the childhood illnesses themselves. Your doctor will likely tell you that “the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks”; do not be lulled by this statement into assuming that someone else’s child is at risk while your child will only benefit. Just ask the tens of thousands of parents living with the reality of a “vaccine damaged” child.

Childhood diseases are not necessarily bad: Vaccination assumes that childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, and chicken pox are dangerous and “bad”. Conversely, others believe that childhood disease naturally builds the immune system and that, in healthy children, these diseases are not dangerous. In fact, contracting them in childhood provides natural lifetime immunity to them and protects the body against more dangerous related adult diseases. For instance, shingles occurs when adults who have previously had chickenpox are no longer exposed to “boosting” doses of chickenpox in the community.

Immunization assumes it is okay to sacrifice a few for the good of many: Mass immunization is based upon a “herd mentality” in two ways: first, it implies that every person is the same and therefore every person should be medicated in the same way (indeed that everyone, healthy or not, should be medicated); second, it necessitates the belief that it is acceptable to sacrifice a few for the good of the majority. (The “few” parents of children injured or killed by vaccines likely beg to differ.)

Vaccine science assumes nature is flawed: The belief in the effectiveness of vaccines is based upon the idea that nature is fundamentally flawed and only science can save it—that, without help, the human immune system is incapable of protecting the body. Conversely, others believe that scientific interventions themselves are playing havoc with our health and that vaccines and other contaminants like air pollution, pesticides, flame retardant chemicals, fluoridated drinking water, genetically modified, overly processed foods, etc, etc, are poisoning our bodies. These toxins compromise our health and make us susceptible to illness.

Natural immunity is achieved through healthy living: Bottom line: There is evidence that vaccines are neither safe nor effective…and that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases as well as chronic illnesses like cancer. Again, these basic principles apply: feed the body with healthy sources of energy and don’t poison it with toxins and it will protect and heal itself—without the need for pharmaceutical intervention. The few studies undertaken have shown that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.

Know your rights: No other country in the world uses and mandates as many vaccines as the United States because government officials in Canada, western Europe and other free nations respect individual rights and health care choices. Immunization should not be mandatory. When it becomes mandatory it goes against everything our country was founded on. It is already happening on many levels and some schools require proof of immunization to attend. You will take the brunt of intimidation tactics, but there are exemptions and ways to get around it. You must do your research.

"Only authoritarian regimes in underdeveloped countries take a totalitarian approach to dissent today, with some imprisoning non-vaccinators or using the militia to force vaccination. Increasing oppression and punishment of families trying to protect their children from vaccine injury and death in the United States would certainly make it easier for patent holders on vaccines to make larger and more predictable profits.
It is important for the public, including legislators, to be fully informed about all of the potential motivating factors for the public policies being promoted by individuals with letters after their names. It is also important for the public, including journalists, to independently verify the scientific integrity of studies which are used to justify the erosion of civil and human rights in America."- Barbara Loe Fisher

"There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindications that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child.... Immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases." Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD, pediatrician
You might notice by now that I don't refer to them as Immunizations. This is because they don't truly provide immunization from disease. There is a difference between acute disease and chronic disease.
I remember as an 8 year old getting the chicken pox. Vaguely. I recall scratching a bit and being uncomfortable for a couple days. Back in those (good 'ole) days, there was no vaccine to save me from such an illness. I had an acute disease--meaning an illness of short duration. Now we have vaccines for nearly every acute illness that exists. We don't however know the long term effects of these vaccines. We are trading acute illness for chronic illness (which lasts indefinitely). When a person has an acute illness, they develop the antibodies needed for true, lifelong immunization. When a person receives a vaccine there is no telling how the body will receive the foreign substance and how it will react.
Yes, there is the risk that an unvaccinated child will get sick. That is just one of the risks of being alive--But there is absolutely no proof that a vaccine would prevent illness.
Think about that. How can one prove that getting a shot is going to protect you (with titers) when thousands who have received the same shot are contracting the very illness they supposedly had immunity to. How do we know that vaccine didn't make them more susceptible?
We don't. We can't know that. It is all very theoretical.
But given all the information, I wouldn't vaccinate my cat--much less my child.

I urge you to become informed about vaccinations; please complete your own research before subjecting your child and make a truly informed decision. You DO have a choice; please exercise true informed consent.
It's your child, your future, your choice.


Beth said...

Thanks for all of this well researched information. I am so disappointed that people we should trust are making us feel that vaccines are safe when they haven't been properly tested, and when they haven't been given enought time to see what the long-term side effects are. It is frustrating, to say the least.

Ilovemyboys21 said...

I have a question, would it even be beneficial to my children to stop vaccinating after already getting them vaccinated? They are 6 and 9mos .. I feel horrible for never researching vaccinations until now. I am scared about what problems they will have due to the ones they have already received.